Cost Data

Tuition, Net price by income level, Average aid awarded
+ more


Post graduation salary, Loan data, Graduation rate
+ more


National and Major rankings, Best food, Best professors
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Admissions Data

Required tests, Acceptance rate, Typical SAT & ACT scores
+ more

School Stats

Class size, Area type, Degree type, Demographics
+ more

Sports/Club Data

Conference/Division, sports and clubs offered
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Build Your College Site or App Fast

Sample code and interactive tools to get started quick. The CollegeAI API was built to enable teams to build college websites or applications with ease. Endpoints for autocomplete, getting college attributes, getting college recommendations, filtering colleges and more.

Extensive College Data

CollegeAI collects data from government datasets, college websites and a multitude of third-party providers. Getting college data is no longer a problem you need to solve.

2,967 Colleges Indexed
1.3M Attributes

College Recommendations Made Easy

Exclusive API for college recommendations utilizes 250,000 historical student profiles to recommend a set of colleges to a student. Simply send profile information, and receive a list of colleges that fit that student.

Some of Our Customers:

Elite Level Prospects

Elite Level Prospects uses the CollegeAI API to provide student athletes with college information and search.


MyKlovr is leveraging CollegeAI's API to provide college research tooling for their Virtual College Counselor.

College Search Website

An open-source website made by the CollegeAI team to showcase some capabilities of the CollegeAI API.

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